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Import duties
If you order goods from abroad you sometimes have to pay import duties.
Here are some tips to make sure you will not get any unpleasant surprises.

Make sure that your order is below the "import free" amount,
you will not have to pay any additional import duties.
It  may seem very little, but at Iherb you will still get along very well with a small amount.
Please note that the exchange rates of the dollar may change.
Mostley iHerb products are still cheaper despite the additional import costs,

The fastest way of shipping is with DHL. Just a few days.
Shipping costs depend on the order from 1 to about 8 dollars.
The cheapest way is with "DHL global mail".
Delivery time is just over a week, but it may also take up to 2 ore 3 weeks sometimes.
These shipping costs are free to only a few dollars.
The shipping costs of iHerb are often cheaper than the shipping costs in your country.

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 nevertheless,  maybe you can do something with it. Have fun at

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